GDPR Compliance in UK for SME businesses as at March 2018

% Businesses in UK GDPR ready

% small businesses in UK that are aware of GDPR

or 10% of turnover. Maximum fine for GDPR breach

Typical cost to 1Secureweb client to comply

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a strenthened Data Protection regulation that comes into force on 25th May this year.

It is Data Protection with bells, whistles and teeth. We will not go into the into the all the details covered so well on the ICO web site

We do underline that there are few businesses that do not need to comply with the new regulation. Instead here we focus on what the GDPR1 system can do to help companies fulfill the requirements in a real way that is relevant to their specific business.

  1. Data Audit
  2. Action needed to comply
  3. Your compliance summary

The system is suitable for small to medium sized businesses who do not require a Data Protection Officer and are not processing significant volumes of data 
After that the system can be used to periodically check your compliance and in addition log any significant data processing, subject access requests and should the unthinkable occur, any data breaches.
For companies using 1SecureWeb SaaS applications much of the audit is compiled automatically.

What's your business ?

Virtually every business will need to do something to be GDPR compliant. This system will guide you through each step necessary to become compliant.

How much does it cost?

Usually software websites are shy about their costs. Our solution is for small and medium sized businesses and we are keeping the prices low

GDPR1 system* plus 1/2 day guidance on using the system and getting you started. Time can also be used for our guidance on your progress: £650

GDPR1 is a cloud application and the cost includes 12 months use of the system

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